Most people don't even realize that there is more than one type of logo. To them, a logo is a logo, whether it's the hot air balloon of ReMax Toronto or the wrench used by a local plumbing company. But when you examine the impact and recognizeability of certain logos, differences begin to emerge, especially to an expert. We'll lend you our expertise and explain to you how certain logos are iconic or symbolic while others just fade into the background of memory. This should help you to design your own logo.

An iconic logo is one that is so simple that it's just a little picture containing a few colors with no words or slogans to clutter it up. They're eye catching yet representative of the company they belong to in some way, usually because of the company name (the Shell gasoline company, for example, uses a shell as its logo) or because of what the company does (the World Wildlife Fund uses a picture of an endangered panda). If you want a logo to help you sell winter tires in Toronto, keep this in mind. Perhaps a tire or a snowflake would make a good logo?

Whatever you decide to use, people looking at it should know what it is immediately. It's no good if you're using an ink blot type shape that looks like something different to everyone. It's only going to cause confusion. So have a look at your kids room decor and see how they simplify things down so that children can understand. Lions have distinctive manes. Giraffes distinctive shapes. Cars are bright and bullet shaped. Ambiguity is a death sentence for a logo, so test your logo on friends and family to make sure they know what it is.

Symbolic logos should not just be easy to recognize, they should also be simple to draw and display both by hand and on a computer. Using more than three or four colors in your Dent Repair Hamilton logo will make the colors bleed together when you shrink it down, and using too much detail in the sketch will turn it into an unrecognizable blob when you reduce it in size to put it on letterhead or your website. Make sure you do test runs for size reduction before you do into print.

And finally, your logo should be memorable. To help people remember it, make sure it is an attractive shape and color and that it is used all over the place, from the signs on the Toronto lofts your company is building to the title bar on your website. The more connections you make between the logo and your company name, the stronger your brand recognition will be.

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